VA Governor to white supremacists: Go home

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  1. There is one thing to march, however the attitude and words spoken were UN- CALLED FOR!!! Violence and IGNORNANT BIGOT HATRED will get you nowhere except a fiery he'll of your mind and spirit! There needs to be a stop to allowing permits for these HATE MONGERS to gather in public places! We as a nation need to get out of our boxed egos and UNDERSTAND that there are many cultures and colors of skin, all created by one creator equally. It is time to let go outer attachments of stone and mortar and recognize the true power within in us all when we walk in peace,humbleness,
    respect, and love for ourselves and others. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

  2. To all the people calling Trump supporters and/or Confederate flag supporters the KKK, anti-Americans, or other shit like that, you need to grow the fuck up and actually figure out what you're saying. I have a lot of support for Donald Trump and the Confederate flag, but sure as he have 100% support for the American flag and other groups. I clearly don't care if you don't like Trump or the Confederate flag, but if you are ignorant enough to the point where you think everyone who supports Trump is a part of the KKK or shit like that, then I sure do feel sorry for whoever raised you.

  3. Seriously all the white racist LOSERS should just go extinct already. GROW THE FUCK UP it's the 21'st centurary!! that's what you fuckers get for voting trump in!. the president isn't suppose to agree with you racist loser's you idiot's never even owned america at first!!. we are not in the racism era anymore! you don't like how america's democracy doesn't work then how about YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA and go back to europe childish ass racist LOSERS!!!

  4. White males are a minority group now – only 20% of the population. Do you think when white men are outnumbered by Hispanics they will get affirmative action programs or special consideration for housing or other benefits we give minorities now? No! It's a flawed, liberal ideology and I'm happy to see people finally standing up for the white man's rights. Liberals aren't concerned about the white man's rights because they want open borders and a rainbow population filled with all kinds of freak cult religions, fags, transgenders, women in combat boots, etc – all of whom speak different languages and shout down anyone they don't agree with while looking to the government for handouts and special protection.

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