What if nuclear war starts tomorrow?

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  1. is it true that us considers even their good neighbor venesuala as some type of an evil country as well!!
    if so would Russia and China be there just in case to like protect venesuala?? and wouldn't venesuala be one of the best strategic places for a "world industrial complex zone" its closer to both north and south amarica true??

  2. Look at it this way, if south korea and north korea both get reduced to smoking craters china can make some cash on the reconstruction and blame the US for screwing everything up.

    Your move Trump.

  3. What will Trump supporters do when he's in his luxury bunker sipping champagne while they frazzle. Meanwhile he'll use their ashes to polish his shoes saying "There were too many of them anyway".

  4. If nukes are used, nuclear fallout will destroy land/resources and kill many. It may kill you. No one would be safe. You probably wouldn't want to live in the aftermath of that anyway.

  5. lol,
    N. Korea does not need ICBMs to strike anywhere! Just load a bunch of small and large nukes on ships and subs and park them in the bay of each major city. You know like the USA, Russia and China already has…Some could already be inland a critical targets.

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