White supremacist march in Charlottesville leads to chaos and violence

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  1. If these idiots would stop trying to take away our heritage and anything that has to do with the South in the civil war maybe these things wouldn't happen. STOP taking these statues down we need to be reminded of the civil war we don't need another one! But by the looks of it we're heading that dark dark path again. Just leave the statues alone, there were many reasons for the civil war slavery is not the only cause. If you liberals would just use the brain God gave you you'd realize taking the statues down IS NOT AND I REPEAT NOT gonna make anything better!! It makes people mad. Just leave our history alone.

  2. The Trump supporters have proven they are absolutely nothing but subhuman animals! They should all be branded and rounded up to ensure they can no longer cause trouble in our nation! Whether they want us to impose the 'Final solution' they all seem to think is ok remains to be seen.

  3. I get that they're assholes, but you have to feel kind of bad for them. They couldn't even afford flashlights! Having to carry those torches like it's the 1930s. Which is ironic since that's where their values and thoughts come from.

  4. They should keep the statue, but do we really need all this violence? I mean the purpose of a protest is to avoid violence not to make violence , I say we are one and should be worried about the north Korean problem not start a civil war, like if you agree

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