White supremacist march in Charlottesville leads to chaos and violence

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  1. I'm white, I'm in the working class and I'm conservative. These people do not represent what it means to be a conservative in The United States. These leftist counter-protesters are not without blame either. The people in the alt-right are looking for a way to defeat the radical fanatic views that have become the norm with these leftist groups including Antifa and BLM, but they are going about it all wrong. Both sides are to blame for the radicalization of the other. This "white nationalist" movement these people are promoting is purely and explicitly un-american and the same applies to the opposite with the radical BLM-black power and all these other "anti-fascist" groups. White nationalism is not the way to defeat the ideas of the left. American nationalism is the way to defeat them. Equal rights and opportunities FOR ALL. Both sides of this matter are a threat to the American dream, which is slowly being forgotten every day.

  2. it was not a "white supremacist" or a "white nationalist" protest. I use to like vice and their North Korea videos and stuff but this is click bait to the max and false reporting

  3. LEFTIST MARXIST were praying that this would be the reaction ……. thing is , I dpn't agree with "White Supremacists" , but I'd love to see the Liberal Progressives get the bullet due to their heads ………..

  4. People wanting to preserve and protect their heritage are white supremacists? Millions have awoken to fake news, biased outlets such as yours and we ain't going to sit in the back of the bus!

  5. Those groups that were there today wanted trouble and trouble is what they got. These protests aren't about race, it's about ignorance. Getting rid of civil war statues is just the excuse this time to get people angry. Just like the Berkley violence, when someone has a different opinion than yours. The civil war is part of American history and both sides should have pride in their fellow black and white Americans who fought and died. Maybe they could move all the statues to Gettysburg rather than having them spread out across the south, I don't know but those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Another civil war can be just around the corner and pride won't save anyone on either side for that matter, that looks for violence, when the bullets start flying! Dying isn't much of a living.

  6. So beeing white and wanting to safe american history stands for white supremacy?

    And when white rightwing unite they are white supremacists? I think that 95% of the people dont hate other cultures, religion or race and have a good amount of political vieuws as others as well.

  7. Guess you dont want to continue trashing and attacking whites, the ones that created the western cultures. Maybe they don't like it. Maybe they don't like your sado-masochistic islam. Maybe they dont like the fact there are many many wealthy blacks in America as well as poor ones and poor whites. And maybe they're fucking sick of your attitude and maybe they dont like the low beliefs and cultures youre insisting they adopt. Better stop. You're building more hate not less.

  8. What a bunch of lies and bullshit. People were protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. The counter protesters showed up and allegedly started the fight. It was also a counter protestor that ran his car into the crowd.
    The media is already painting the protesters as racist white nationalists. This simply isn't true. I'm not saying that racist people weren't there, I'm sure they were, but the majority of people were protesting the further erasure and villification of southern culture. The real bigots are the counter protesters. They're willing to incite violence and commit murder, but the media's continuing narrative is that only whites can be racist.

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