Why Are Devs Leaving Xbox?

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  1. My view is this.

    Microsoft as a company was 100% behind the system with the original Xbox as well as the Xbox 360. Come around the turn of the decade the upper management began discusing the fact that the Xbox had never made any money for the company but had actually lost the company money.

    I think around 2012'ish Xbox became the red headed step child of the company and the attention needed to keep it competitive went out the window.

    Microsoft forgot the reason Bill Gates had the Xbox invented in the first place…..to get into the living rooms! To compete with Sony. Microsoft has forgot that and here we are.

  2. things havent changed with Spencer. He and his execs didnt like Scalebound so they canned ir cause the dev didnt want to do the changes they wanted

  3. seriously I have both consoles and my preference is xbox just cos of the game pad. I like my ps4 but I just find I only play the exclusives on it anything else gets played on the xbox.

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