Why did Nintendo Cancel NES Classic? Nintendo Switch Dominates NPD Sales

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  1. because nintendo are fucking idiots. i was able to get one 2 weeks ago online but it sucks for the people that didnt get one. well scalpers are happy…thats what nintendo cares about.

  2. if they hate $, they hate the fans, also. apparently they want some $$$hole on ebay to %$@%^ my wallet in order for me to obtain the Classic. Guess what Nintendo? I'm just gonna pass on the classic, w/e.

  3. I think it's bullshit Nintendo mini was discontinued. There was no reason to discontinue and if people wanted to mod it. So be it. Just put s disclaimer out. Simple. Now I'll never have a mini. Smh guess it's back to emulators then.

  4. Yea, all the NES Classic is, is a marketing ploy, nothing more.  Nintendo released it so people would still be thinking of Nintendo during Dec, it wasn't meant to be sold after Dec at all, but the demand was so high, and the Switch wasn't coming out until march, so they gave in, producing some more, but now the Switch is out, there's no reason for the NES Classic to stay in production.Nintendo most definitely wasn't making jack from the NES Classic, so toy keep making it after its purpose has been fulfilled, would be dumb.

  5. It's obvious why they cancelled it, it was limited for a reason, it was a simple tribute, just because it sold doesn't mean Nintendo was making a lot of money off it. The profit margin could be ridiculously small and just not worth it. The amount of games they were basically giving away for free on it sure don't help there either. It's clear they preferred focussing on something that did bring in some actual money, the Switch.

  6. The cancel it, so they can push their old games on the smartphone market and add micro transaction in it.
    Check the MARIO game on android/ios, it is a massive succes.

  7. I think your last theory is correct, but I also think they will create a "stronger need" by discontinuing the NES. Which will give them the opportunity to release it again later at a higher price.

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