Why Spreading Salt around the House is So Incredible, Find out now and be amazed

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  1. To clean my cast iron skillets and remove any residue of oil from them I scour them out with salt and rinse them out, no detergents. Get good results every time and saves the conditioning of the pan.

  2. im amazed at how the ads play perfect even though I'm out of data and then the video buffers lol. Drunk-Tube seems to be hitting the hard liquor ….. HARD!!!!!!!

  3. salt absorbs moisture and not a good idea if you live in a high humid climate. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a better solution it's safe for people and pets to cleans parasites from the body when ingested, it can be used to brush teeth, polish everything from pots and pans to jewelry, can be used as non abrasive scrub for cleaning kitchen and bathrooms. sprinkle on pets food to DE-worm them, powder pets to keep flea's off them to sprinkle the yard around your home. while salt is great for many of the same things it doesn't do the harm salt does. DE is a fine powder can be blown under homes or used in walls while building homes as an added layer of protections from the creepy crawlies to keep down bug infestations. just don't breath it use mask to keep from breathing the dust as you apply and do it on calm days not windy days or wet days. I've used it for many things and always finding more ways to use it. Food Grade is the only kind i purchase because i can use in home yard n garden and for people and pets with out any worry.

  4. But salt on the ground increases the salinity in the soil. A good way to kill a plant is to salt it. Its an old trick used by some farmer when a tree is cut down to cover the  truck sticking up, with salt and place a cover over it the dies out as salt kills.

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