Xbox Game Pass – Complete Full List of Games REVEALED – 112 Games

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  1. Shantae, all the gears of War except 4, and halo 5, I might consider it, if I can find all my gears games I'll just buy halo 5 and I'll buy Shantae for my ps4. List was interesting though, what really caught my attention was OF dragon rising, might buy.

  2. DARKSIDERS 2 DEATHINITIVE EDITION is also included with the Game Pass, but I only JUST found it today on accident by searching through the xbox store on the actual WEBSITE! It's NOT listed on the Game Pass official tab/section on the actual console tho, for some reason. Already downloaded and started it, but WHY TF IS IT NOT LISTED ON THE ACTUAL CONSOLE OR ANYWHERE ELSE?! Also, what OTHER Game Pass games are hidden from the official list of the "112" titles?…

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