Xbox Game Pass Delivers Exclusive Games – Netflix of Gaming

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  1. Netflix originals typically suck, regardless of the production quality. I expect nothing less from Microsoft lol
    I will say Star Citizen is the GoT of gaming. If they don't pick that up then I'll still have to go PC (the HBO of gaming)

  2. To answer your question, no I am not interested in the game pass and I think gamers are shooting ourselves in the foot in the long run if we fly with this. I don't want short episodic pieces of games every now and then for a high price subscription on top of xblive. This is milking the fans. Sony has put up many fantastic story games and succeded with those titles. It's yet another barrier and restriction to exclusive games. So now you will have exclusive games from xbox on xbox. This is not consumerfriendly for those invested in that platform. It's a shitmoneygrabbing move.
    How about you Phil taking a risk, put the goddamn tired Halo, Gears and Forza to the side if you need to and give us a fantastic SP experience without having us subscribe and commit with cash beforehand.

  3. Did the new Hitman game sell better in episodic instalments, or as a finished game? Not sure. I think this model might have worked well for Mass Effect Andromeda. They could quickly change course and tweak the story.

  4. Xbox is def building an interesting service portfolio. They will still need to bring more high quality console exclusive games in the future but it will be interesting to see where they are in 5 years. Making a lot of moves.

  5. If they truly develop an environment similar to Netflix that has the perfect blend of old, familiar content alongside new and original IP then, I'm all for it. The potential of this program should be fully realized if MS makes the right moves. Speaking about it is the right way to start tho.

  6. I'm confused. I been playing outlast 2. for honor. madden 17. and gears of war 4 on my Xbox one. but people on YouTube keep saying Xbox has no games? like are they talking about the Original Xbox? because I been playing those games on my Xbox one. So can someday tell me what's going on?

  7. This would be really cool especially if it helps them come out with new experiences they maybe would hold off on. It might also help the Xbox division get more support from more of Microsoft as a whole in terms of funding.

    I'm definitely interested in Xbox Game pass and if true this will be an even bigger value.

  8. I do agree with you cause we wait yearly for new games and to bring a series system will be something good for Microsoft and hopefully a market booster.

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