Xbox Scorpio Needs More than 4K to Beat PS4 Pro

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  1. There's obviously gonna be more than just 4k, more specs came out today and the Scorpio leaves PS4 pro in the DUST. Plus having 4k and better graphics than PS4 pro actually very much would make it sell. Look at the PS4, it has better graphics than the Xbox one and that made developers go more exclusively to PS4. But now it's Xbox's turn to win back the fame it used to have against the HORRIBLE PS3 with the Xbox 360.

  2. If Project Scorpio can play any, and I mean ANY!!!!!, game made with UWP, I will definitely buy one. PC has always had the graphics advantage, and ALWAYS will, but consoles have had the Plug-and-Play ability, which makes them so attractive….If Microsoft is actually combining the two, WOW…….. Technically, any game made to work with UWP, will be playable on Project Scorpio, that means games such as HomeWorld, Star Citizen, and games that have been traditionally "PC only", if made to work with UWP, will be playable on Project Scorpio……..touchdown.

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