Xbox Scorpio NOT a Half-Assed Upgrade Like PS4 Pro

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  1. From what I'm seeing the Scorpio is going to use the same technique used by the ps4 pro so saying it's not a half asked upgrade yeah it pretty much is. Tbh I don't care about 4k I want better framerates they should focus on framerates running higher than 4k who really cares about 4k over better framerates I want to know where these companies think that we'd have rather have 4k than 60 fps and higher. These newer consoles could easily have better graphics better textures the works and higher framerates than worry about 4k so much.

  2. I understand that ps4 pro is only an upgrade on ps4, but that is what it was marketed as, it's a ps4 with a bit more grunt for anyone who wants more from a console in this gen, it ain't hurting, but by saying that scorpio is a next gen console, are we saying now that the scorpio is the next Xbox console gen, surely, that's going to pee people off more when xbox one s are just picking up sales wise. High end PC's struggle to perform great at 4k, I have a 2grand pc, running a gtx 1080 gpu and an i7 cpu and I can max out everything at 4k but just about runs at 30fps, so how can Xbox scorpio do anything better, 4k at 30fps but with medium settings, I'd rather them hit 1080p ultra graphics and use an up scale to 4k instead for consoles and get games running at 60fps.

  3. So basically a SIMILAR CPU to what the PS4 PRO has likely, and more graphics power. Do you really think the difference in GPU power is going to be that obvious?

    For example, if a game runs 1800p upscaled vs 2160p native? (I know not all games for Scorpio will be native)

    Frame rater interpolation is going to confuse a lot of people as well. From what I understand the CPU main thread can be 30FPS with the visuals via the GPU running 60FPS. However, the input latency, thus LAG is still going to be based on 30FPS so things will still be just as sluggish as running 30FPS.

    I'm very curious to see how good that experience is. Closer to true 60FPS or closer to true 30FPS? Probably depends a lot on the game but my guess is closer to 30FPS.

  4. ext gen huh? little does he realize that statement is more of an insult than a compliment. It's basically admitting MS is jumping ship from the Xbox One and giving themselves a head start into a new generation given how badly they PS4 has destroyed the Xbox One. It's admitting defeat.

  5. don't get me wrong I love gaming but it's like if Xbox one just came out three years ago why would they come out with this one now why wouldn't they just come out with the Scorpio 3 years ago? it's like we've seen what PS4 and Xbox One can do in their beautiful Graphics don't get me wrong but if these are better graphics why wouldn't you just come out with us three years ago or two years ago, because now people that have bought an Xbox One and PS4 3 years ago have to buy a brand new console which is stupid, I don't know I'm just thinking if we were so excited about these new consoles that came out four years ago it's not giving us enough time to get excited about the next big console

  6. I personally own a PS4 Pro and I can say ,at this point, it is pretty underwhelming. Not from a hardware perspective (per sa) because I think the GPU boost for a console was pretty good. However, I think the problem with it is, Sony should have had a solid lineup at launch to show off the extra power instead of random patches that may or may not come from 3rd party devs. in fact, at this point in time, most of the patches suck and make the games run worse. IMO, The only games that work better after patching are Paragon, Ratchet & Clank and RE7. TLOU and FFXV actually run worse especially in 1080p mode. Side note: Paragon runs and looks so good that I prefer to play it on PS4 Pro than my MSI GT72VR 6RE Laptop. And that runs everything like butter. So I think the PS4 Pro can be pretty powerful. I just don't think that power is being taken advantage of. Thanks Dragon for another non-bias, enjoyable video. And to people hating………..yep, got nothing for ya..

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